GREENVILLE, N.C (WNCT) — Daughters of Worth, a nonprofit whose mission is to protect and save women from human trafficking, has expanded its organization to provide even more services than before.

A new space, located at 1412 Evans Street in Greenville, will be available for women to find safety, shelter and support. A ceremony was held on Thursday to mark the moment.

Women will not only have a refuge from their unsafe environments, but they will also have access to hygiene items, meals and workstations to provide a means of education. The workstation has a computer, writing tools and coloring books provided for women and children.  

Founder and CEO Liz Liles knows the importance of this space. It provides women with another chance at life and saves them from being on the streets, especially as the winter months come closer.  

“It’s just to be in a space where they’re gonna be loved and nurtured and protected and find the sheltering of women in our community who are rising up to give them a safe space,” Liles said. “So, we’re just thrilled to be able to offer that opportunity, especially as it’s getting colder. And a lot of these women need to get in safe spaces and off the street.”

Director of Prevention Education, Latoya Alston, has helped Liles grow Daughters of Worth and helped out with the interior design of the new location. Alston said being a part of the organization is something she feels is very personal. 

“I’ve been through domestic violence,” Alston said. “I’ve been in a relationship where I was abused, I grew up in a house that had abuse and so it’s a passion of mine to go and help give people the tools that they need so that they do, so they do not get into the same situations that I got myself into.” 

 With the new location, it opens up opportunities to host events and future fundraisers. Liles says those are in the works, and they look forward to planning ahead.  

“We have an events committee that is currently working to put together events for the future,” Liles said. “Right now, our heart is just making certain that we are investing into the girls and women of our communities and making certain that they can achieve the dream of the hope for their lives.”

The organization stresses that there is a tremendous need for help as it continues to grow. They are always accepting donations and volunteers. Head to their website to find out how you can get involved.