GREENVILLE, NC (WNCT) — ECU Health’s East Care team was awarded MedVac Transport of the Year by the Association of Air Medical Services for their response to an emergency in on July 23 that involved Parker Byrd.

Byrd was injured while boating in a remote creek in Bath. The boat propeller cut his legs, which resulted in severe trauma. He was pulled back in the boat by his friend, who immediately applied a makeshift tourniquet. First responders assessed his injuries and requested air medical transport.

The EastCare medical team picked him up and then flew him to ECU Health Medical Center in Greenville. On the flight, the team rendered life-saving trauma care including administering plasma, blood products and treatment for a hemorrhagic shock during the air transport.

Byrd was also taken to and from ECU Health’s Wound Healing Center in the weeks after the accident. Twice daily the EastCare team provided transportation, specialized care and hyperbaric treatments.

Pilot Steve Bonn, EMT Henry Gerber, EMT Milando Stancill, communication technician Leigh Ann Creech, flight RN Jessica Rispoli and flight paramedic John vonRosenberg accepted the award on Oct. 26 for their efforts in saving Byrd.

“The EastCare team has been nothing but phenomenal to me,” said Byrd. “From day one, they were doing their job to the best of their ability. I want to thank each and every person on the EastCare team for what they have done for me.”

Since his discharge in August, Byrd has continued to undergo outpatient care and rehabilitation after 22 surgeries and a partial leg amputation.

Byrd is an East Carolina University freshman and continues classes at ECU along with practice with the baseball team as he recovers.