GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — East Carolina University officials are encouraging students to get a COVID-19 test before leaving campus for winter break.

The fall semester ends on Nov. 25, meaning many students will be leaving campus until January. Administrators are urging students to get tested so they don’t potentially take the coronavirus home for the holidays.

“We really feel like it’s their responsibility as good family members, as good citizens and as good Pirates to make sure they are not positive for COVID when they go home,” said Dr. LaNika Wright, ECU’s student health director

ECU is offering testing to students and faculty through Friday. Dr. Wright is impressed with the turnout so far.

“A lot of students are really taking that ownership of their health and of the health of their families and coming in and getting tested,” she said.

But some students are choosing not to be tested.

“I live here in Greenville, and I’m like around the same people like almost every day,” said Grace Bumpass, an ECU freshman. “I don’t want to get one at the moment.”

Pitt County’s health director, Dr. John Silvernail, said young people are becoming less cautious. But people need to worry about more than just themselves.

“While that 25-year-old may be healthy and have a very mild course, the 55-year-old they interact with may not,” said Silvernail.

ECU’s spring semester starts on Jan. 19. Wright said all students living on campus will be required to have a negative coronavirus test before returning.