GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — It’s been nearly a month since East Carolina University introduced GrubHub robots. We reached out to see how ECU feels about the new bots on campus.

ECU said that the program has already surpassed more than 5,000 deliveries. ECU students are ambivalent about the new delivery method.

One student thinks it’s a good idea.

“I think it’s a good addition to the campus.”

Another believes that upperclassmen don’t benefit much from it.

“I think it’s mostly for underclassmen because it’s just like only for on-campus delivery. If you live in a dorm right here, it’s real quick and easy to get it for you, you know?”

Another student has an opinion on the food quality when using the robot method.

“Honestly, I feel like the food will either be too hot or too cold, there is no in-between because what if you get a drink and then you get some hot food, you never know.”

ECU officials said they are one of 35 schools across the county participating in this delivery service. They added that some of the biggest challenges are the lunch hour rush and crossing 10th Street. There have also been a few reports of vandalism to the robots.