GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Protestors gathered at East Carolina University’s Health Sciences Student Center on Sunday to speak out for abortion rights.

Emmalee Todd, who’s a third-year ECU Brody School of Medicine student and physician, organized the march. They said after the Supreme Court’s draft opinion regarding the status of Roe v Wade was leaked, they said they and their fellow physicians wanted a way to let their feelings out, which is why they organized the event.

“We know what pregnancy means. We know that even the most wanted pregnancy carries a lot of risk with it. And we feel that nobody should have to go through that, who doesn’t want to,” said Todd.

Medical students and health care workers participated in the march on behalf of their patients. It wasn’t just women marching for women’s rights during Sunday’s protest.

“I’m here as a man today. I’m a medical student as well. I’m here more as an ally but also as as an advocate for women’s health. Reproductive health care is health care. There is no separation that,” said one protestor.

While many expressed disappointment and shock, others aren’t surprised.

“Well, there’s part of me that obviously feels kind of numb to it all, just living in America, as a woman, you know, you kind of just get used to it and comes over and over and over,” said Sophie Adgate, a protestor. “But it also is very emotional and scary to think about.”

Protestors said women already have a hard enough time getting access to reproductive services with Roe v. Wade in place, and without it they fear what could happen in the near future.