GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Beeker’s Brisket and BBQ and Graham Nuckoll’s Conner Law Firm helped Joy Soup Kitchen by hosting and sponsoring a fundraiser Wednesday.

Beeker’s served $12 BBQ sandwich plates during lunchtime.

Robbie Beeker, the owner of Beeker’s BBQ and Brisket food truck and a board member of Joy Soup Kitchen says, said this was a way to help out at a time when food banks, pantries and kitchens are dealing with various product shortages.

“It’s a big concern for me,” Beeker said. “When I started volunteering a couple years ago, I myself did not realize how much of a need there was for it in the community. Being there experiencing it, getting to know some of the patrons that go there who need these services.”

Beeker added that the fundraiser would benefit Joy Soup Kitchen so that they can continue providing more food for the community.

“We don’t want to give them just a sandwich and a soup every night, we want them to have a meal that they can eat at home with their family and just enjoy it like the rest of us do,” Beeker added.

According to Beeker, this will not be the only fundraiser.

“This is the second time doing it, we’re gonna do one every quarter throughout the year, and what we’re doing is partnering with a local business to sponsor the cook and then we come out to their property and do the cook that day and all the proceeds go directly to the soup kitchen,” Beeker said.