GREENVILLE, N.C. — The Greenville City Council on Monday night announced the hiring of new leadership for the City of Greenville.

Michael Cowin was unanimously appointed as City Manager where he will succeed Ann Wall, who is retiring on November 30. Cowin, who has served as Deputy City Manager since September 2021, will begin his new role on November 1, 2023. Wall will serve as a consultant during the transition.

“We are pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Cowin as the next City Manager for the City of Greenville,” Mayor P.J. Connelly said. “During his time with the City, Mr. Cowin has developed strong relationships throughout the organization and community while playing a key role in the day-to-day operations of the City. We are confident in his ability to advance the City as the economic and cultural hub of the east.”

An Eastern North Carolina native, Cowin received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from East Carolina University in 1995. Cowin graduated with his Master’s in Business Administration from East Carolina University in 2001. Cowin is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of North Carolina and a member of the North Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants.

Cowin joined the City of Greenville in September of 2015 as Assistant City Manager. During his time with the City, he has provided oversight of a variety of City departments, including his most recent work with Police, Fire/Rescue, Financial Services, and Information Technology.

Cowin has also served as Chief Financial Officer and Administrator of the City’s Dept Management and Capital Improvement Programs since 2015. Additionally, he has been vital in the City’s economic development efforts through the pursuit and management of projects and initiatives in the City’s urban core.

“I am honored that the City Council has given me this opportunity as City Manager, and I look forward to playing a part in the future prosperity of Greenville,” Cowin said. “Through my role with the City over the last eight years, I have developed the utmost respect for the tremendous work our employees perform each day, and it will be my honor to work alongside them to move our city forward.”

Cowin’s starting annual salary as City Manager will be $216,715.20.

Below is a list of other action taken by the City Council during the October 9 meeting:

Consent Agenda

  • Item 2: Ordinance and Reimbursement Resolution for Amendment to Greenville Utilities Commission’s Capital Project Budget for Bethel Wastewater System Improvements (Unanimously approved)
  • Item 3: Resolution Authorizing Grant of a Sanitary Sewer Easement and Water Line Easement to the Pitt-Greenville Airport Authority Across Tax Parcel No. 29143 (Unanimously approved)
  • Item 4: License Agreement with Sound Rivers for Placement of a Trash Trap in Greens Mill Run at Greensprings Park (Unanimously approved)
  • Item 5: Resolution approving an Encroachment Agreement with the North Carolina Department of Transportation for the Placement of a Public Art Sculpture at Dickinson Avenue and Columbia Avenue (Unanimously approved)
  • Item 6: Disposal of the City of Greenville’s “Welcome to Greenville” Sign to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (Unanimously approved)
  • Item 7: Proposed 2024 Schedule of City Council Meetings (Unanimously approved)
  • Item 8: Proposed Budget Schedule for Fiscal Year 2024-2025 (Unanimously approved)
  • Item 9: Various tax refunds greater than $100 (Unanimously approved)

New Business

  • Item 12: Presentations by Boards and Commissions: a. Historic Preservation Commission b. Human Relations Council c. Youth Council
  • Item 11: Resolution Authorizing Condemnation to Acquire Certain Property for the BUILD Grant Project (Unanimously approved)
  • Item 12: Contract award for Task Order 4 Design and Construction Bid for Phase 3 of the Public Works Stormwater Pipe Improvements (Unanimously approved)
  • Item 13: Resolution Authorizing Contract Award for the Construction of the Public Works Stormwater Pipe Improvements Phase 1 and Contract Award for Task Order 5 (CA CO Inspection) for the Public Works Stormwater Pipe Improvements (Unanimously approved)
  • Item 14: Ordinance Prohibiting Outdoor Mass Balloon Release Within City Limits (Motion failed by a 4-3 vote with Connelly, Glover, Bell, and Robinson dissenting)
  • Item 15: Budget Ordinance Amendment #3 to the 2023-2024 City of Greenville Budget (Ordinance #23-046), Capital Projects Funds (Ordinance #17-024), and Special Revenue Grant Fund (Ordinance #11-003) (Unanimously approved)

*Supporting documentation and additional information regarding the agenda items listed above can be found here.