Greenville Citizens Police Academy is back in session


“Don’t come expecting to sit down we are going to put you in real-life scenarios” said Sergeant Dale Mills, Greenville Police Department

“Get to know my community get to know Police Officers in the area and see what it’s about,” said Sylvia Vega, Acadamy Participant

Sylvia Vega is one of the newest people to go through the Citizens Police Academy put on by the Greenville Police Department. This 10-week crash course is a hands-on experience.

“Yep yep this is 90 minutes of…it’s like being on a roller coaster. We bring you in teaching you the fundamentals and then we want you to go our and implement them” said Sargent Mills.

The academy is an exclusive look into law enforcement.

“It’s a lot of things that interest the public that they don’t get to see. They get to watch CSI and things like that,” said Sergeant Mills

This popular academy is not only a plus for the community but also one for the department.

“The gain for us out of this and we’ve been very fortunate and rich here Greenville without citizens academy is that it’s always well sought after we cap it at 25 we’re well recognized throughout the state for having one of the most informative Citizen Police Academy and we use that teaching tool and it’s also a receiving tool for us because we send educated folks out into the community that knows about the police services and the parameters that we work around that help us with our reporting of incidents and helps us solve our crimes” said Sergeant Mills

And for Vega, it’s about learning more about how she can be involved in her community.

“See how it works. Being apart of my community and seeing how the police department works in the area” said Vega

“Police work more so than ever is a collaboration between the public and the police department it’s not one-sided,” said Sergeant Mills

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