GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Safety is a big topic of discussion across the country. Here in Greenville, city officials came together in a town hall on Thursday to discuss safety on campus.

City officials and law enforcement explained that Greenville is a safe place to live. However, they want to make sure students feel safe and have a good relationship with local law enforcement, which was big reason that for the safety discussion.

“We need to be able to provide information first of all so that people can feel confident. As a city official I have a responsibility to provide a safe community to people who come here for college and I want people who are here to feel confident that we are doing all we can to provide that safe community,” said Marion Blackburn, District 3 council member for City of Greenville.

Blackburn said she represents the university neighborhood and that safety is a priority. She said if we are personally prepared to keep ourselves safe, then we can take steps to try to keep others safe.

Some of the advice law enforcement and officials gave during the town hall included knowing your limits when consuming alcohol, never feel embarrassed to ask for help in situations, locking doors on vehicles, making adjustments to doors of apartments or houses to increase safety, and knowing the relationships you’re in, including friendships, because it matters who you’re around.

ECU police and Greenville police are taking action by engaging with students on how to do their part to be a good neighbor and watch out for one another. They also ask students to give them feedback on areas that need improving, such as installing more lights or security cameras on campus.

ECU also offers free self-defense classes and advises students to use the LiveSafe app.

“This is sort of a personal philosophy; I believe that it’s a human right to have safety of body and safety of expression. Now I can’t change what somebody outside of me is going to do but what I can do is know that I have the information and I have the tools to keep myself as safe as possible,” said Blackburn.

Blackburn added that, with ECU police and Greenville police, she can trust them to keep the community safe. Some students left the meeting gaining more knowledge on how they can help with that safety.