GREENVILLE, N.C. — DENSO, a manufacturing plant located in Greenville, has announced it will be closing its doors by January of 2023.

With the closure of the plant, which manufactures a range of small motors, comes uncertainty for its 475 employees who will be displaced. Brad Hufford with Greenville ENC Alliance said their primary efforts are to help those impacted employees who may lose their jobs.

“Well, certainly, you know, it’s a concern on the individual level,” Hufford said. “The workers that are displaced will have a bit of a transition. But we feel overall that the economy is doing really well in Greenville and Pitt County, and there’s a lot of jobs available right now for these folks to easily go into, especially in manufacturing.”

In a statement, DENSO said they are consolidating locations to remain as efficient as possible. The decision has sparked concern for the economy here in Greenville.