GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A week dedicated to recognizing the advancements of the economy started Monday with a luncheon hosted by ENC Alliance.

Eastern North Carolina officials from places such as Greenville, Ayden, Bethel, and Farmville joined developers to discuss their visions, perceived strengths and what types of improvements are needed to boost the economy.

Greenville Mayor P.J. Connelly officially declared Economic Development Week in Greenville from May 9-13.

After the proclamation, a panel discussion highlighted the existing and growing industries, workforce needs and future growth in Greenville and Pitt County.

“We’re seeing a lot of activity, we thought COVID would probably put a halt on some of the growth,” said Uconda Dunn, vice President of business development at Greenville ENC Alliance. “But we saw a lot in our existing industries, particularly our Pharma manufacturing companies are continuing to grow as new medical vaccines and treatments come out.”

Dunn also said the city is seeing some major growth in the tech industry.

“We’re starting to work on Intersect East, we’re seeing some interest from some companies to do some research and some development inside of Intersect East,” Dunn added. “So we’re hopeful for where we’re going and we’re thankful for the things we have here that will continue to be an asset to the companies that come into Greenville.”

Kelly Andrews, the Director of Pitt County Economic Development says there are some challenges in the county.

“We have a 23% poverty rate in Pitt County, and that’s an issue of the divide between the haves and have nots and we also, those people have challenges to employment that we need to address like transportation and childcare so fixing our internal will help attract the external investment,” Andrews said.

Other events, happening this week, include team working, organizations collaborations, and social media campaigns. For more information on Economic Development Week, click here.