GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The City of Greenville has lots of black-owned businesses in the community. During Black Business Month, which takes place in August, many of them are being showcased.

One African-American entrepreneur, Jamaiyan Phillips, who is the owner of Upstage Fitness and Nutrition in Greenville, explained why black businesses in the community are very important.

“Previously a lot of people fought for us to get to this point,” Phillips said. “So I think we owe it to those individuals to build on what they started.

“At one point, we couldn’t have businesses, now that we can have them, I think it’s our responsibility to continue to push and put ourselves in those situations. and like I said reach down and motivate some younger people.”

Philips, a Snow Hill native, added that one of the exciting parts of his job is being a mentor to the youth in the community where he grew up.