GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – One Greenville family is looking for answers after their son, Khalil Jefferson, went missing in early December.

“My son needs to be found,” said Sonona Jefferson, Khalil’s mother. “I do not know if my son is dead or alive, I have no idea, but he deserves to be found.”

Jefferson, 22, is a veteran and Pitt Community College student. He was reported missing by his family on Dec. 2. Three days later, on Dec. 5, the family found a note that made them believe he might harm himself.

“He did have that intent to harm himself on that day,” Sonona said. “I’m not trying to hide that from anyone. We understand this and from there, I pray that he changed his mind and he is now out there.”

After finding the note, Sonona and family started searching. They found Khalil’s car at Greensprings Park in Greenville as well as his jacket, keys, cell phone and glasses along the Tar River.

“I immediately called 911 and that allowed for things to escalate,” she said.

The Greenville Police and Fire and Rescue Departments have also been assisting, but Police Chief Ted Sauls said a search for an individual who is believed to be harmful to themselves is considered different than a search for a person believed to be involved in foul play.

Regardless, Sauls said they are doing everything to help.

“We have searched parts of our river with Sonar so we can do a visual search for the air and on the ground,” Sauls said. “We’ve tracked that search by aid of our brothers and sisters in the fire department through satellite technology so we can make sure we didn’t miss any areas.”

“We spent quite a few man hours on the boat that we have available to us and the ability to search certain areas,” said Greenville Fire/Rescue Chief Carson Sanders.

Now the family is asking for more help.

“There are two huge ponds that need to be searched that are within the immediate area of where my son’s car was parked and where I found his belongings,” Sonona said. “We have to search these areas.”

She’s also asking for the community’s help.

“If you see him or if you saw my son Dec. 5, please let us know,” she said. “He has a lean build and was on his skateboard. Please, please help us bring my son home.”

Khalil’s family said they’ll continue to search even during the holidays, and will continue with the public’s help after the new year.

Greenville police said they’re also looking to try and bring additional resources including possible search dogs and the search of a nearby pond.