GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Greenville Fire Rescue is welcoming a new vehicle to its fleet.

The department unveiled the Tiller Truck Friday that is set to hit the road in 5-6 months. The department’s commanders are spending several days teaching crews about the new truck. The tiller is a specialized vehicle with capabilities that go beyond the other trucks at the station.

Fire Chief Eric Griffin said the truck can carry all of the department’s extrication tools. That will keep crews from switching to different trucks, depending on the emergency.

“I think that this Tiller Truck represents Greenville, represents the council and the city managers, having that strategic view to make sure we are prepared for the future,” said Griffin.

The chief said this is not the only training firefighters will get with the Tiller. There will be instruction on use of its newer ladder plus classroom time.