GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — One young girl in Greenville has found a unique way to help out those in war-torn Ukraine.

Nola Kelly, 5, and her mother run a business selling sweet treats. When Nola learned about the war, she wanted to find a way to help.

Nola’s mother said they started the business as a way to teach entrepreneurship. Now, they are using the business to also raise funds for the Ukrainian people.

“There is a part in a world that we play in this big scheme of things in this big, gigantic world, and to know that, you know, we can make an impact even as one person,” said Nola’s mother, April Kelly.

She said they began the business, Nola’s Twisted Apple Pops, in December of 2021, and the idea came about because of Nola’s huge sweet tooth.

April Kelly said they felt a connection to Ukraine because of their friend Kate Ker, a Greenville local and entrepreneur originally from Ukraine, who has been finding ways to send donations and money to Ukraine since the conflict began.

“This is very touching for me because the war, it’s difficult to explain to kids, and it’s a sensitive topic, and when a child wants to help other kids, other families, this is very, very touching,” said Ker.

With Ker’s help, the Kellys are donating $5 to Ukraine for every item they sell.

“I contacted my friends, my classmates who are volunteering now in Ukraine, and I asked if we can send money directly to them. So they will purchase food and necessities and send it or distribute to people in villages and cities that need help,” said Ker.

Nola said she hopes it helps them to buy anything they need.

You can help out and buy some of Nola’s treats by visiting their Facebook page.