GREENVILLE (NC) — The Greenville Jaycees announced that its 2021 president, Jessica Jenkins, was awarded the Linn D. Garibaldi Memorial Award, the highest honor that can be achieved by a chapter president within the state.

Greenville Jaycees receives special state award

“Jessica Jenkins is a bright spot in our organization,” said NC Jaycees President Robert Cook. “She’s a great leader and cultivator of promising talent in her chapter. I’m not surprised she won the award for the top local president in the state, her dedication to all things JCI is inspiring.”

Jenkins began her tenure as the Greenville Jaycees president in 2021 and is continuing to lead the organization through 2022. Under Jenkins’ leadership, the Greenville Jaycees received the Karen H. Byrd Programming Sweepstakes award for the most outstanding chapter in the state in the area of business planning.

The Greenville Jaycees, under Jenkins’s leadership, also received multiple statewide awards for notable events in Greenville, including first place in local growth and development for its summer event Prom through the Decades to benefit such as the Kelly Children’s Home; first place in the local community empowerment program for the Squawk and Squeal event that benefited Third Street Education Center; and second place in the long-term local community development program category for the Greenville Jaycees Gingerbread Christmas Parade.