GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Greenville City leaders are clarifying where and how alcohol in the city can be sold. The only thing changing is the clarification within the code by prohibiting mixed alcohol sales at some locations.

“The code still allows mixed beverage sales and any other type of alcohol sales at like the Town Common, the Convention Center and at various locations,” said Greenville City Attorney Emanuel McGirt.

McGirt said alcohol, including liquor, can be sold at various locations throughout the city that are currently within city code. It was also clarified to allow the sale of mixed drinks at Five Points Plaza, where alcohol is already served during events such as Free Boot Friday.

“Also expanded it to include Guy Smith Stadium. Because the city plans to start a summer college baseball league in the spring of 2024 at Guy Smith Stadium,” McGirt said. “The tenant, who will be Capitol Broadcasting, which will have baseball games there, has entered into an agreement where the city allows them to have alcohol sales.”

Some of the other revisions to the sale of alcohol on city property included the authorization of the city manager to adopt a policy establishing rules for the sale of alcohol. This is the process to be able to sell mixed drinks.

“Approach the city manager’s office and request to enter into a lease which would have to be approved by the city manager,” said McGirt. “And they would also have to get the appropriate ABC permits to sell alcohol on city property, including at some locations, mixed beverages but not at all locations.”

For more details on places liquor cannot be sold, visit City Council Meetings.