GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — As students get ready to go on winter break, some can experience learning loss.

A librarian at Sheppard Memorial Library in Greenville said it can happen anytime a student isn’t in the classroom. Educators who spoke with WNCT explained how to slow learning loss during winter break.

“I would suggest they encourage students to review material from the current school year. By reviewing and reinforcing what they’ve learned, students can maintain the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired,” G.R. Whitfield School Principal Ashley Wheeler said.

“Whether it’s reading out loud to them, whether it’s doing a recipe with them at home and reading through that recipe and then putting things together, using math when you’re doing the measurements, that’s really a fun thing to do over the holidays,” said Amber Winstead, librarian at Sheppard Memorial Library.

Sheppard Memorial Library is holding a children and teens winter reading program. It starts Monday.