GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – School is just around the corner for many, meaning summertime is coming to an end. The Greenville Museum of Art is no different, as its summer camp is coming to an end as well.

During the summer, kids need structure, museum officials said. Having something like this one one way to bring that to them.

“It just really offers kids a creative outlet during the summertime where they don’t have nearly enough organized instruction as they would during the year, their academic year,” GMoA Communications and Events Coordinator Sim Asher said.

The camp teaches children a love for art and supports their passions.

“Everyone has something they really enjoy. Some people might not like print-making, they might not like sculpture, but they really love painting or they really like making jewelry,” GMoA Educational Coordinator Briana Earl said. “Hopefully that makes them go into art or art careers in the future.”

This camp helps make art accessible.

“Our goal is to continue to expand our educational programming, so that we can, wherever schools get cut, we can kind of fill in those blanks for them and still provide art to the community,” Earl said.

Sculpting, painting and printing are just a few of the skills learned. By the end of each session, each group made a mural to be posted outside of the GMoA.

Museum officials consider this camp a success and welcome everyone to their programming throughout the year.

To find the Greenville Museum of Art’s website, click here.