GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – The City of Greenville launched its two social districts, Uptown and Dickinson Avenue, on Thursday.

Those two districts now allow people to carry alcoholic drinks outside of businesses and into other participating places, but there are certain rules with the districts. There are boundaries people have to stay with their drinks, and it has to be in city-designated cups from the participating businesses.

It’s exciting for many people who work and live in Greenville.

“It’s nice not to have to rush and chug your drink,” said Sean Nestor, who was having a drink outside Uptown Brewing Company on Thursday. “Everyone loves to grab beers and everyone loves to have a good time. When you’re outdoors, it’s ten times better.”

Participating businesses are also excited about the possibilities.

“We had a distribution company who is making stickers for us now, so I think the biggest thing is going to be briefing our bartenders making sure they’re aware of the rules,” said Ali Kennedy, a sales representative for Uptown Brewing Company.

“I definitely think it’s gonna be an adventure,” said Mary Ann Ricks, manager at Pitt Street Brewing Company. “It’s gonna take us some time to get used to and see how the city reacts to it. I think it could be really fun and I hope it encourages more small businesses to come here.”

To see the participating businesses, and more of the rules, visit the city’s link here.