GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – The City of Greenville is implementing a new Uptown parking plan, but it’s not in full effect quite yet.

The plan was supposed to go into effect on May 1, but now they’re extending that period because the city said there are a few kinks in the plan they’re still working out.

On Monday, the City of Greenville announced on social media that the delay in enforcement will continue until May 15.

The month of April was a warning and educational period.

“Not only has the public learned from it, but we have also learned some things about the plan,” said Brock Letchworth, public information officer for Greenville. “There’s been a couple things with the consistency of the deck and how the parking deck is charged compared to the other lots.

“We’ve also been waiting for the kiosks. We just got those in recently and are going through the process of making sure they’re programmed correctly.”

With the new plan, you have to register your car using the Passport App or a kiosk to park for two hours on the street and in surface lots. After the first two hours, it’ll cost you 75 cents per hour at surface lots and $1 per hour on the street.

For some who visit the Uptown district, they said having to register is inconvenient.

“It’s easy to do, but it’s just an extra step that makes it like, ‘Uhh do I really wanna go and do that or just stay at home?'” said Alexandra Likover.

For others, they said two hours is enough time to get things done.

“You can walk everywhere in two hours,” said Joshua Chapman. “I just go to coffee shops around here, good breakfast places around here and I enjoy going to those places.”

Letchworth said they believe it’s a plan to help everyone.

“We want businesses to get people in and people get out so they can turn over that parking,” said Letchworth. “We feel like it’s a nice compromise between the business community and the city allowing there to be a free parking option but also people can’t just camp out in a parking spot all day.”

To learn more about the parking plan, visit the city’s website.