GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT)- The Greenville Police Department is reacting to the tragedy by buckling down on school safety.

On Wednesday, they put more units and patrols at our local schools for the foreseeable future.

Greenville Police Chief Mark Holtzman said following Tuesday’s shooting, they worked out a plan with our local schools to increase visible police presence on all school campuses immediately, beginning first thing this morning.

“So a lot of our detectives that are normally in this building behind me started their day at schools, park there in a visible spot. So as parents are coming up and dropping those kids off, they have a little bit more peace of mind knowing that we’re really aware of what the concern is, and we want to help put the community’s mind at ease as best we can,” said Holtzman.

This also follows as the police department has filed charges against a student who posted a school shooting threat as a “prank.”

GPD said they were made aware of an Instagram post by a student Tuesday night, threatening a school shooting at J.H. Rose High School to take place Wednesday. After officers were able to identify the source of the post, the student confessed they meant it as a prank. Chief Holtzman said the timing could not have been any worse following yesterday’s tragedy.

“Especially today, you just can’t. So detectives are following up with juvenile justice to play some charges on that youth for the social media post to hold that, that young man accountable, and so we’ll be working with the Office of Juvenile Justice for that,” said Holtzman.

Holtzman said the student has been told not to go near the school.

He added this is a success story of our community members and law enforcement working together. He added, that the continuation of that relationship is absolutely crucial in these situations.