GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – On Monday, students from D.H. Conley High School came together to honor the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at East Carolina University for the second annual Martin Luther King Day of Service.

Members of the Love A Sea Turtle Club and We Stand Initiative spent their time weeding out the garden to be ready for the harvest in the spring and were also warming up and moving plants plus picking up trash. There were 20-30 students who show up to these meetings regularly. However, other volunteers and schools attend some of these events, which could bring the number up closer to 100 who offer their assistance.

“I believe that this day is all about what Martin Luther King stood for. Commemorating his legacy and showing togetherness. Bettering your community,” said student Alyssa Rambert.

“Think about what Martin Luther King Junior did. His legacy as a whole and how we can personify that in present days” said student Michelle Song.

Love A Sea Turtle began 16 years ago, and in recent years the organization has grown and begun working on feeding and fighting food insecurities as well as fighting the plastic crisis.

We Stand Initiative focuses on the positive reflections of minorities and analyze curriculum that depicts minorities in a negative manner.