GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – East Carolina University is investigating alleged reports of drink tampering and sexual assault at Theta Chi Fraternity.

ECU sent out an alert on Tuesday letting students and faculty know of the incidents that happened on Aug. 20. Students rallied outside the fraternity house and on campus Tuesday night, and then reacted to the news.

“I was just angry because I know this has been a problem at the school for a long time,” said Jackie Derritt, an ECU student.

After several reports have been filed in the past, students say they weren’t surprised to hear the news.

“It didn’t surprise me because it’s not the first time we’ve heard about Theta Chi,” said Lesley Titandam, another student.

“It happened last year and I don’t know how this is still able to happen,” said Jack Gerden, an ECU sophomore. “The first time is enough, and I feel like the frat should have been shut down.”

“I wasn’t surprised because it happened last year and it’s disgusting,” said Julie Pequigney.

Some women even said they don’t feel safe on campus.

“Just hearing stories about everybody’s experiences at fraternities which are supposed to be setting men up for success and make other women feel welcome,” Derritt said. “I don’t feel welcome and I don’t feel safe. Even if other fraternities don’t do this. I know Theta Chi is a big part of campus and they’re well known.”

Now students are hoping the university will take action.

“I feel like that chapter and fraternity should be shut down,” Titandam added.

“Just get rid of Theta Chi” Derritt said. “They need to get off campus. They need real punishment.”

ECU issued a statement saying it is looking into the situation, saying “The university will further analyze this report in accordance with the applicable policies of ECU and the University of North Carolina System while at the same time complying with laws applicable to the confidentiality of student records.”

A statement from Theta Chi said they are also “gathering facts related to the allegations.” They also said fraternity staff members “have been in contact with ECU administrators and are investigating.”