GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — It’s National Awareness Control Week.

City officials say we’re in a dry spell, so mosquitos aren’t as prevalent as they normally would be, but they still want to remind you how to avoid those pesky little bugs. Long sleeves, pants, and bug repellent when used properly can help reduce your risk for bites while outside.

Avoid being outdoors at dusk or in the late afternoon when mosquitos are most active. Be sure to repair any broke screen doors or windows.

“The biggest thing is to eliminate standing water, in gutters, on tires, in buckets, toys, anything where water will hold for 7 or more days you need to empty it once a week,” said Sanitation Manager for Greenville Public Works, Delbert Bryant.

Bryant said we’ve been lucky with mosquito diseases not affecting our area, but significant rainfall means more mosquitos and a higher possibility for diseases.