GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Men’s basketball teams across the nation tipped off play Thursday in the NCAA Tournament. Businesses in Greenville were busy getting prepared as well.

Basketball brings business, and with St. Patrick’s Day on Friday, bars and restaurants in the area said they only expect March Madness to get madder. Sup Dogs owner Bret Oliverio said lunch should be busy during March Madness.

“First round of the tournament, you know? Everyone’s excited. Everyone’s doing their pools, survival pools, and we should see a busier lunch than normal, people popping in. You’re able to watch maybe 30, 45 minutes of the game, so it should be a good lunch today,” Oliverio said.

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Those with Tie Breakers said they expected dinner to be even busier.

“We’ll see a very big crowd (Friday) and definitely (Friday) night,” Tie Breakers Manager Kevin Anderson said. “Not having Carolina in the tournament this year may or may not affect a little bit, but I mean, you still got Duke and you got State in it, you got ECU women in it, so we should still see good crowds no matter what.”

Prep-wise, restaurants and bars are making sure they have enough people.

“We staffed up. Luckily, today, we have nice weather, we’re fully staffed in the kitchen, front of house, we’re super staffed up as well,” Oliverio said.

Oliverio said St. Patrick’s Day means there are double the reasons to hit the bar.

“Spring Break was last week. People are looking for the next big event. First round of the tournament, St. Patrick’s Day, the beer is green, games are on, weather’s nice, it should be an awesome day,” said Oliverio.