GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – It does not matter if you watch the Super Bowl for the football, commercials or halftime show, restaurants in the area had a seat open just for you on Sunday.

Nauti Dog Brewing Co. co-owner Charles Smith said they hoped the weather would not keep people away.

“We got a better turnout than we thought. We thought the rain was going to kill the event,” Smith said. “It’s a fun time to come, there’s other breweries right down the street, there’s restaurants, everything right here local and you can come and have a great time.”

Pizza places in the area say they have people covered if they want to watch the game at home. Those with Jet’s Pizza in Greenville said they prepped for the crowd.

“Super Bowl Sunday is probably one of the top three busiest days of the year,” said Jet’s Pizza General Manager Michael Mills. “We’ll probably be prepping at least double what our normal Sunday would be.”

For those who plan to dine in, Devin Lenear, manager of Tie Breakers in Winterville, said they spent the week preparing, all to get ready for the big game.

“We’ve been taking preorders for the whole week at both locations,” said Lenear. “Total between the two locations, we have over a thousand orders.”

This was also Nash Hot Chicken’s first Super Bowl. Ryan Griffin, Nash’s owner, said he was excited and ready for crowds.

“We’re excited, we hope the rain doesn’t keep people away from downtown. I know there’s a lot of house parties going on, but we’ll have the big screen up, you know? The grease? Hot. Beer? Cold. Come on out,” Griffin said.