Jimy Gurganus is a Greenville resident who says he’s standing up for his rights against Governor Roy Cooper’s new mask mandate.

While waiting for his car to be serviced, Gurganus crossed the street to the corner of Arlington and Greenville Boulevard.

Gurganus strapped a shotgun to his back with one in his pocket, and sported a sign protesting Governor Cooper.

A former prison worker and current martial arts instructor, Gurganus says he’s seen around $15,000 dollars in loss during the pandemic.

While Gurganus believes people should have the rights to wear masks if they want to, he feels this shouldn’t be enforced on everyone.

“All these things are happening to us…us. The good people and the working class people. We haven’t done anything about it except toot our horns and wave our hands,” said Gurganus.

As people drove past the lone protester, many honked, gave a thumbs up, and took video and photos.
Gurganus says he hopes his actions inspire others to do the same.