GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — It’s all about the hands-on experience for little ones at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science on Tuesday, where pre-school-aged kids get the chance to learn through different science activities.

“We felt like Tuesday was a good day to get the public out and moms to come out in the mornings at ten before nap time and after breakfast and it was a good time to bring kids out when they’re most capable and able to learn,” said Maria McDaniel, the deputy head of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science.

According to McDaniel, they try to get all the five senses involved, like in the butterfly lesson they learned Tuesday.

“So they’re using their hands, they’re using their eyes, they get to become the character, maybe the animal we’re talking about,” McDaniel said. They were cocoons and eggs today, so they were very engaged and involved in what we were doing.”

McDaniel also said using the senses helps kids retain the information they are learning.

“They already remembered because they acted them out, they heard them, we had a puppet, they knew those things. So they don’t forget once you teach them using their hands and getting them completely engaged and involved in the program,” McDaniel said.

One parent who tagged along with her three-year-old daughter said this is a good way for her little one to get out the house and socialize with other kids.

“She has an older brother, so all things outdoors, we’re an adventurous family, so she loves everything outdoors, and learned about animals and bugs and all the creepy crawlys,” Chastity Veneski said.