GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Greenville ENC Alliance along with Pitt-Greenville Airport are making moves to bring you more flight options.

Officials have met with several airlines to share information about PGV and the demand for air travel in Eastern North Carolina.

“One of the defining features for economic development for new companies entering here is they want to know there is an airport within 30 minutes drive time, and we do have a great regional airport here at Pitt-Greenville Airport,” said Tom Kulikowski, interim president and CEO of Greenville ENC Alliance.

Greenville ENC Alliance officials said statistics show people from Pitt County travel to Washington, D.C. and Orlando the most.

“Those are the two biggest destinations from here, and people do it quite frequently and a lot of people now, unfortunately, drive as well because we don’t have quality air service to those destinations, or people go to Raleigh,” said Kulikowski.

“About 25% of the passengers in our coachman area are actually using this airport so that translates into 75% of people where it would probably be easier to use our airports than other airports,” said Bill Hopper, the executive director for PGV.

One Greenville resident said while he was trying to move from Greenville to Tampa, there wasn’t a direct flight to PGV, and this caused a hassle.

“I traveled up here by train, but I would’ve traveled by plane but I had to get off the train over an hour away and get a ride over here. So if a plane would’ve come in straight to here, I would’ve been good, I wouldn’t have had to get a ride,” said Chris Contner, a Greenville resident.

“You gotta either get a rent-a-car, get a ride, or have somebody pick you up from the airport.”