GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – North Carolina Department of Transportation is doing a comprehensive transportation plan for Pitt County as they are wanting to know where needs are all the way through the year 2045.

Transportation engineer, Phil Geary said during Monday’s meeting that the draft plan right now has 245 recommendations.

“There are widenings on their proposal, bike lanes, proposed sidewalks. And we just want the public’s input on it,” said Geary. “It’s a draft right now. So we’re not completely finalized on anything. And we want to get the local’s input because we’re based in Raleigh. And who better to know the area than the locals?”

One Pitt County resident who’s been an advocate for safer roads said, in his opinion, the current draft plan right now is dangerous.

“I just want roads to be safer, accessible for everybody,” said Steven Hardy-Braz. “It’s kind of ironic that here, the public meeting, it’s after hours for the great bus line, there’s no sidewalks here, there’s no bike lanes here, there’s no way to get here safely, there’s no streetlights to get here. So anybody with a disability, someone who doesn’t have access to their own car isn’t really allowed to come here.”

As for the next steps within the draft plan, NCDOT wants public input.

“It’s a whole list of needs. There’s no funding attached yet. It’s just list of needs,” said Geary. “And then hopefully, as the needs get funded, that’s where it gets more detailed and design work and public involvement, environmental analysis, but right now, it’s strictly just a needs list all the way to the year 2045.”

NCDOT said they encourage feedback. For more information on the plan and to give your input, visit Pitt County Comprehensive Transportation Plan.