GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – At the Greenville Convention Center on Sunday, people loaded their bags with all types of items during the Nearly New Fish consignment sale.

Co-owner of Nearly New Fish, Hunter Jackson, said the consignment sale over the weekend was the biggest turnout they’ve had partly due to inflation.

“The turnout has been great, you know, we had the more consigners we’ve ever had. And we had more shoppers than we’ve ever had,” said Hunter Jackson, Nearly New Fish co-owner. “I think with inflation in the supply chain issues we’re still having that’s really helped us out because we have everything from infant all the way up through teen and great selection of all sizes.”

According to economic experts, in N.C., there’s been more than a 13% increase in prices since January 2021, which results in an increase of $641 for the average state resident.

“$100 doesn’t go as far as it used to you might not fill up your truck, you might not get as much diapers, it won’t get you a whole week’s worth of food for your family. But you can come here and get everything you need for the upcoming season for a whole lot less than you would anywhere else,” said Jackson.

Jackson said being a season consignment sale, fall is typically the bigger sale. He said there’s a great demand for Nearly New Fish in Greenville as there are many families and kids here in ENC. Jackson added the community needs a way to provide for their family for a whole lot less.

“You can get it here and spend, you know, $2, $3, $4 dollars for a pair of jeans instead of $20,$30, $40 for a pair,” said Jackson.

Nearly New Fish will be back at the Greenville Convention Center March 8-12.