GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — There’s a new North Carolina House bill that promises to bring improvements to the City of Greenville.

House Bill 4-37 proposes that the state will match $10 million in funding to replace or repair the bulkhead at Town Common. It will make it more structurally sound and able to withstand future flooding.

The bill was introduced by NC Rep. Gloristine Brown and NC Rep. Timothy Reeder.

“It is very much needed because of the flooding within the City of Greenville and around Greenville,” says Brown, who represents District 8. “It extends out. There’s been some erosion and some things that need to be taken care of.”

“We know that the Town Common is a hub and a vital part of our community. There are a lot of activities that go on both daily and special events. Protecting that part of our town is important,” said Reeder, who represents District 9.

After the bill is read on the NC House floor, it will go to the House Appropriations Committee, where it will be considered for this year’s state budget.