GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Before the rain came, Sunday was a beautiful day to be outdoors. Many took part in a special event at Town Common.

It was a beautiful and calm start to the day, a perfect Sunday to be out. For many, it was a chance to relax, enjoy the day at the park and fill it all with some creative paints.

Lindsay Deans and Liz Brown-Pickens took part in the painting together.

(Davis Suppes, WNCT photo)

“I got a new dog named William-Archibald, so i thought I’d try a dog and it turned out really bad … but had a good time, had a good time, wearing a lot of paint,” said Deans and Brown-Pickens.

Raymond Henderson was trying out his skills by painting water scenes.

“So I’m trying to get used to painting water scenes because that’s not really my norm, so I’m just trying to get some practice in today,” Henderson said.

(Davis Suppes, WNCT photo)

With a little brush stroke of creativity and a palette of inspiration, artists got to show off their creations.

“So my art today, she’s like a Black woman and I kinda painted,” said Thaiyana Aabid.

(Davis Suppes, WNCT photo)

“What inspired me, I’m kinda working on a bigger project that involves underwater, so I’m coming out to get some practice before I take part in my big project,” Henderson said.

Whether you were a novice or an experienced painter, you could enjoy the canvas of the Town Common.