GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Parker Byrd’s 10th surgery came with some good news from the doctor and a move out of the intensive care unit at ECU Health Medical Center. He is also starting a new medical treatment.

Mitzi Byrd posted to Facebook on Monday that her son had his 10th surgery and did well. He was moved out of ICU and into a step-down room “which he is thrilled about.” Byrd said.

His doctor said they were happy with the blood flow to his amputated right leg which is recovering following surgery last week. While the situation isn’t perfect, Byrd said her son’s status is such that the doctors think it will all work out.

Byrd is an East Carolina University incoming freshman baseball player who was badly injured in a boating accident back in July.

“(The doctor) said there were still some areas that had bad blood flow and he is worried about the area over the fibula head, however, he thinks that it will still heal and be okay,” Byrd wrote. “He said it wasn’t the most optimal situation but he thinks it will still work.

Parker Byrd had an epidural for pain control removed and his mother posted to social on Tuesday that he was able to sleep comfortably with just oral pain medicine. Mitzi Byrd also said in the post that Parker was starting hyperbaric medicine. Doctors are hopeful it will aid in the healing process and increase blood flow to the amputated leg.

Parker is slated for another surgery on either Wednesday or Thursday.

“Thank you for all your continued prayers,” Mitzi Byrd said.

One of many highlights for Parker on Sunday was the chance to see his little sister. He was taken outside for the chance to see her, his first trip outside in more than two weeks. She has not been able to see Parker in the hospital because she is only 10 years old.