GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — For a second time, Paula Dance is officially the Sheriff for Pitt County. A swearing-in ceremony took place at Community Christian Church Monday morning.

Dance says she’ll be getting back to business at the sheriff’s office, so she can make sure to be the best leader she can be for Pitt County.

Officials from all over Pitt County and the surrounding areas packed into the church to watch Dance be sworn in for her second term.

Dance says along with making sure Pitt County is a safe community, she wants to focus on increasing deputy pay.

“I’m gonna be right back on top of fighting for deputies’ pay,” Dance said. “It’s a number one priority. I had to take a pause when I was running for office. So certainly there was a pause there for a while but we are right back on it again, and I will continue to fight for deputies’ pay.”

Dance’s peers who have known her for years, say under her leadership, the Sheriff’s Office has accomplished so much, describing her as a ‘blessing’ to have as a leader.

“Paula had over 30 years experience in the Sheriff’s Office coming in, so she was able to implement programs immediately,” Douglas Roberson, a fleet manager at the Sheriff’s Office said. “She had a good working relationship with the county commissioners. she implemented the WEAR program and the SHARP program in the detention center to help inmates who are addicted to illegal substances.”

Other members of the sheriff’s office also got sworn in. They say they can’t wait to continue moving forward with Dance’s platform.

According to Dance, there will be more initiatives her office will be implementing in the future.