GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Pitt County is taking a stand against litter bugs.

The “Litter Free For You and Me” campaign is starting this week. The initiative is to educate the community on how to stop unintentionally littering and why it’s important to be mindful of it.

“It makes the environment ugly, things get in our waterways and cause pollution, things flying out of vehicles going down the road can cause an accident,” said John DeMary, the director of Solid Waste and Recycling in Pitt County.

Pitt County Manager, Janis Gallagher, also commented, “Right now some of the areas with higher litter are not a good reflection of our community. we just want to better reflect the good people that we are and I think that will lead to increased economic development.”

In the coming months, other litter initiatives will be implemented, including a litter pick-up competition in Pitt County Schools, volunteer opportunities and fines.