GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Pitt County Board of Commissioners will host a public hearing Tuesday night on their latest budget.

Several things are included in the budget like increasing funds for education and giving county workers a cost of living adjustment of 6% and the ability to earn merit pay.

One topic of interest is pay for the Pitt County Sheriff’s Office, which will fall under the same increase as county workers.

“It gives them the same six percent with the 1.2 or 2.4 percent by rolling it together with the differential and by providing the six percent to all law enforcement employees, which I think will help (Pitt County Sheriff Paula Dance) retain the best and brightest in law enforcement,” said Janis Gallagher, the Pitt County manager.

“All we’re asking for is to have some adjustments. To make this deputies understand that yes, as we put our lives on the line, we value that,” Dance said.

The commissioners will consider public feedback. They could either adopt it Tuesday night or revisit it during the June 26 meeting.