Pitt County Commissioners discuss redistricting, pass ruling to prohibit guns on county property


GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Pitt County Commissioners met Monday for their second monthly meeting. During that meeting, they discussed the current redistricting plan and also passed a measure prohibiting guns on county property.

Amendment to Law Enforcement Ordinance No. 4

The ordinance was in place since 2015 and originally stated that concealed carriers were allowed on county property.

The board had three options:

  • Prohibit concealed handguns in any room where the commissioners meet
  • Prohibit concealed handguns on all county property
  • Allow concealed handguns in all circumstances

The board held a public hearing on the topic.

“If you make this change and you disallow any conceal carry from people who have been vetted and certified that know how to use a firearm,” said Jerry McRoy, a Pitt County Resident. “These people with conceal carries are probably the safest people that come into this room.”

Ultimately the board passed a motion 5-3 to amend the ordinance and prohibit concealed handguns on county property.

County Voting Redistricting

The board also held a public hearing on the redistricting process. Three out of six of the districts in Pitt County are either above or below the target population number, which means they have to be re-balanced.

After the most recent census in 2020, Pitt County has a population of 170,243. There should be 28,374 people in each of the six districts with a deviation of plus or minus five percent.

Public input needed as City of Greenville tackles redistricting

The Pitt County Planning and Development team drafted a recommended map that evened out each of the districts. The new map has taken into account the continuous boundaries which are required by law and is in compliance with Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act, which keeps minority strength in the districts.

The public and commissioners had the opportunity to give input for revisions for an updated map.

“Make sure our county does it fair and equitable and in order,” said one Pitt County resident. “Because it’s not about one person, it’s about all of us.”

“I love my district and the people so I would like to keep it current as is, if that’s a possibility,” said Pitt County District 6 Commissioner Lauren White.

The planning team will not draft a new map for the approval of the commissioners. They will have the new redistricting plan adopted by the beginning to middle of November.

There will be another redistricting public hearing at the October 18 Board meeting. Visit the Pitt County website for more information on the redistricting numbers and maps.

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