GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Back in July, Pitt County Commissioners approved to have a differential pay plan for county employees. Those employees included the Sheriff’s Office, detention center, EMS and 911 communications.

“Sheriff (Paula) Dance came forward and she had requested an across-the-board pay increase for her employees, and then as the discussion went further, she had requested a ten percent shift differential pay for employees who worked at night,” Gallagher said. “She has always been a strong advocate for the deputies who work for her, in wanting to be sure that their salary is fair.”

Fast forward to Monday and it was recently decided to pause all of these discussions. Gallagher said numbers were not adding up for what Dance was requesting and what commissioners could work with.

Pitt County Manager Janis Gallagher said the board looked at different models and came up with a recommendation of one dollar per hour increase for employees who worked at night.

“I had that plan ready and in sharing it with the sheriff, and with Randy Gentry the Emergency Management Director, the sheriff shared her concern that that was not really going to solve her problem,” Gallagher said. “She and I agreed that it made sense to pause discussions of a differential pay.”

During this discussion pause, Gallagher said Dance will have more time to speak with commissioners and renew her requests. Gallagher did say where Pitt County stands in comparison to the rest of the state when it comes to detention officer pay.

“Our detention officers are the highest paid in the state. We have detention officers at levels one two and three, and they are, and I think third highest paid in the state at an entry level,” Gallagher said. “Second highest paid in the state at two and three.”