GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The remaining days of the Pitt County Fair will be operating with a volunteer security detail after the group that was hired to maintain security was fired because it was not licensed by the state.

WNCT’s Caitlin Richards reports the security group Dem Boyz Security was hired to work the county fair this year. However, officials determined the organization was not licensed and the agreement to work security was ended.

Dem Boyz Security is no longer getting paid to work the event, but they decided to stick around as volunteers.

“I understand the circumstances or whatever,” said Dem Boyz CEO Byron Phillips. “And with that, I’m a people’s person. So still, it wasn’t about the pay, it was about the people. So I have kids, I have family, I want them to be safer, and it was everybody else. So that’s why me and my team agreed to just volunteer to continue to be of assistance/ So we’re here again, as volunteers.”

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Richards spoke with Pitt County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Lee Darnell who said the situation is strictly between fair officials and Dem Boyz Security.

The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office was in charge of security last year. A fight broke out at the fair and forced activities to end prematurely. A press release about the incident that was issued last September said at the time “In the coming months, Sheriff Paula Dance will be partnering with Greenville Police Chief Mark Holtzman to establish a formal recommendation for a county fair security standard to be presented to the fair manager with the hope that the 2022 fair will be a much safer environment.”

There was a lot of social media buzz created earlier this week when it was learned the sheriff’s office would not be working the Pitt County Fair. The sheriff’s office posted on its Facebook page a five-page letter from Sheriff Paula Dance to the fair manager, Ken Ross, last November addressing fair security and steps that could be taken to beef up security to insure that what happened last year would not happen again.

One of the social media posts said “Each year we have staffed the fair using off-duty deputies who chose to work the assignment. We expected to do so again this year but the fair decided otherwise.”