GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – Labor shortages have been an issue across the nation. Pitt County is also feeling this.

Janis Gallagher is the Pitt County manager. She said she’s been tracking the shortage monthly and working with department heads to try to fill the county’s government workforce vacancies.
Pitt County Government is made up of 26 departments and out of over 1,000 positions, over 100 are vacant.

Gallagher said most vacancies are in what she likes to call the “big three;” the Sheriff’s Office, social services and public health. As of the February report, within DSS they have 312 employees and there are 60 vacancies.

“The sheriff’s office has 354 employees and she has 51 vacancies this month, and the public health department has 144.2 employees because they have some part-time employees, and they have 28.5 vacancies,” said Gallagher.

Gallagher said Pitt County faces the rate of people leaving organizations outpacing the rate of people coming in with 191 coming in but 188 leaving.

“We were already feeling some of the pinch from an aging workforce and natural retirements that were increasing along the way, so we’ve not had this many vacancies that I can recall but I don’t think there’s one thing that kind of pushed it over the edge. It’s kind of the perfect storm,” said Gallagher.

In order to help fill these positions, they do this through a recent recruitment video, training and messages. This year’s focus includes focusing on creating a culture of kindness, inclusiveness, and an inviting and diverse environment.

“We’re trying to really get behind a shared vision and a shared meaning to do what we do well. You spend a lot of time when you come to work, we value we appreciate every employee for the unique perspectives that they bring to Pitt County Government and if we celebrate that, I have to believe we’ll keep a strong workforce,” Gallagher said.

Gallagher added she thinks if they can create the culture they’re striving for, encourage careers in public service and give people the tools they need to grow, she’s very optimistic that they will fill these vacancies, but she said it’s a long road.

For more information on job postings and how to apply, visit Employment Opportunities.