GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Weapon detectors and additional surveillance cameras on school buses could be added at some Pitt County schools. The Pitt County Schools district is requesting support from the state to ensure the safety of local schools.

These changes could take effect as early as next month for some schools in the area. About a dozen weapon detectors are included in the 2023-2024 proposed budget. If approved, the district plans to place two evolve weapon detectors at each of Pitt County’s public high schools.

PCS has specific funds designated to cover the expense of these detectors, which is roughly over $400,000.

Greenville Police Chief Ted Sauls said there isn’t a price tag on the safety of our students.

“If I were in a position as an upper-level administrator with a school system, I would always be looking in my budget to see what it is that I can do to make the next step, so I would welcome the security and any additional security or improve to current security that just made sure that we are doing everything we could possible to keep our students safe.”

The cost to cover the additional camera expenses is $380,000, which was previously set to take place in 2020 but was delayed due to supply chain issues.

A former PCS parent said these measures aren’t enough.

“Being away from your child is always scary,” Christine Coy said. “You don’t know what’s going to happen, are they safe or are they not? With that said, I’m not convinced that kind of thing is going to make them be safe, I’m more worried about, ‘are there red flag laws?'”

Sauls added that safety is a community effort.

“One way we can be the safest as a people is if we all worried about security together,” Sauls said.