GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office is asking for more following final approval on the county’s budget. Sheriff Paula Dance said the budget does not provide everything her office needs.

The budget includes $40 million for the sheriff’s office, which is an 8% increase from last year. However, Dance said she’s concerned it’s not a high enough pay raise to fill necessary positions.

Pitt County Manager Janis Gallagher said the new budget provides a 4% pay increase for all employees across the board, which includes the sheriff’s office. Dance said she is also concerned there is not enough for necessary equipment like tasers and radios.

“We’re being treated as the same as any county employee that works for county government, but guess what, if there’s a shooting, guess who’s gonna go in,” said Dance.

Gallagher said it’s not that simple, and they had to be fair to departments across the board, all of which have faced very difficult times over the past couple of years.

“When the department’s made their requests for this year’s budget, there were $15 million more dollars in requests than available revenues. So we had to sit down, have careful conversations and really sharpen our pencil so that we didn’t have to do a tax increase,” said Gallagher.

The county will finalize an additional $1.8 million for new radios on Monday.

Gallagher said they will seriously consider proposals from the sheriff’s office for additional amendments. This will include requesting differential pay, which would increase wages for officers working night shifts.