GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The Pitt County Sheriff’s Office has recently deployed several community-based security cameras which they say will help deter crime and assist investigators in high-call volume areas of Pitt County.

Sheriff Paula Dance announced on Friday the recent deployment of the cameras. They are mounted to existing poles and are broadcasting and recording 24 hours a day. In a media release, officials said the cameras and their placement, “are designed to protect individual homeowner privacy while maximizing coverage of public properties and roadways for safety.”

The sheriff’s office listed two of the areas currently covered as being on Old River Road and the Rivercreek Mobile Home Park. The locations of the other cameras have not been released.

“Pitt County is 656 square miles, quite naturally, I don’t have 656 officers,” Dance told WNCT’s Sarah Gray Barr on Friday. “And so we cannot be in all places at all times, but these cameras will allow us the ability to now be in all places at all times.”

Dance said the cameras were an important part of keeping the county safe. She also plans to expand the program and place more cameras in other areas of the county.

“These cameras capture the evidence that we need and help remind the criminals that the chances of them getting away with the crime is going down,” said Sgt. Lee Darnell with the sheriff’s office.

Dance also said she hopes the cameras will improve security and safety while also shortening response times for the deputies.

“You never know if a dispatcher is sitting there just looking at the camera and sees something going on that we may need to know, and can act on it fairly quickly,” Dance said.