GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – A required public hearing by the NC Department of Transportation could allow for improvements within Pitt Area Transit. Transportation officials said they have to apply for the community transportation grant funding every year to help cover some costs.

Pitt County’s transit system serves a wealth of populations. Director of Transportation for Pitt County, Cam Coburn, said many are elderly and disabled, but they’re open to all of the public. The grant program could allow for more improvements in various areas.

“We’re very active in serving those folks who may not be able to have their own transportation due to many different factors, ” said Coburn. “It covers some salaries, it covers some of the office supplies that we need to run the operation, training, employee training, drug and alcohol testing the things that are mandated in that that are important for the operation to be successful.”

The program funding comes from the federal and state government.

“So it’s an 80, and a five and a 15 split. Eighty percent from the federal government 5% from the state and then 15% required local match,” said Coburn.

The next step involves the application being submitted.

“The application will be submitted, then we will wait to hear from the Department of Transportation in Raleigh, when that approval process, and then of course, this funding will be for the next fiscal year,” said Coburn.

Until then, the public is encouraged to be involved.

“Obviously, we want the public to have the opportunity to be involved, but there is a timeline for it,” said Coburn.

Coburn said the deadline is Friday for the public to comment on areas where they think transportation can be improved. For more information on how to comment, visit Pitt Area Transit (PATS)