GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — Five new hangars will be calling the Pitt-Greenville Airport home. Construction is underway to house the aircraft belonging to businesses and companies.

Bill Hopper, executive director of PGV, said the hangars will house corporate aircraft for businesses that are currently in high demand.

“We’ve had interest from people that aren’t even in the state,” Hopper said. “They’re in other parts, mostly along the east coast and North Carolina especially. It’s a real popular place to locate right now, and if we build something like this, we’re getting a lot of interest, so we’ll see how it goes.”

According to Hopper, this new expansion will generate revenue for the airport and Greenville. It’s already attracting interested businesses.

“There’s not a lot of hangar space, and so when the opportunity came to develop these hangars, we saw it as something that we needed to do to meet the demand.”

Five hangars will be built. Four hangars will be around 12,000 square feet and capable of housing the largest Gulfstream aircraft like the G-700 and G-800. The fifth hangar will be over 6,000 square feet and can house up to a Cessna Citation Latitude business jet.

“We’re talking to more businesses than we have hangars available and hopefully maybe this will spur some activity. Right now we’re contemplating adding two more hangars,” Hopper added.

Hopper also said $12 million going into the project. This comes from CARES Act funding provided by the Federal Aviation Administration.

“Smaller airports like this need to diversify a little bit and this is just us diversifying,” Hopper said.

Construction for the hangars will be completed by February 2023. A groundbreaking ceremony will take place at the construction site on Thursday.