GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) – It’s a plea from many Greenville residents.

“Please bring me my mail,” said Wanda Montano, Greenville resident. “I really need it.”

There’s a growing concern in Eastern North Carolina from some WNCT viewers: some Greenville residents not receiving mail from the U.S. Postal Service.

“It is going on week three,” said Tasha Malette, another Greenville resident.

“I’ve not had mail in over two and a half weeks,” Montano added.

Montano has been trying to get answers.

“One-day last week, a carrier came by and I ran outside and said, ‘tell me please what’s going on,’ and she said, ‘well we have people out with COVID,'” she said. “On Friday I went to the post office and asked for a supervisor and he said, ‘you’re right we haven’t ran that mail in two weeks.’ He goes back and gets a bundle of mail for me and it’s last week’s mail, still haven’t gotten the week before.”

Malette has been having the same concerns.

“I decided to just go to their website and put in a formal complaint,” Malette said. “They just recently got back to me with an email saying they are still working on issues and appreciate the patience with delays.”

For many people, empty mailboxes is creating issues.

“I have medications that are compounded so I have to have them shipped to me,” Montano said. “If you take folks who aren’t technology savvy and can’t pay their bills online, they are dependent on the mail to get their bills.”

Montano said while she understands the impact of COVID on staffing shortages, she wants better communication.

“I think my biggest frustration is the lack of communication and transparency on the part of the post office,” she added. “Come out and tell us that you’re having issues. Come out and tell us what’s going on so we don’t feel like we’re just completely getting ignored.”

9OYS reached out to the USPS for answers. They sent the following statement.

There are some postal employees out due to unforeseen circumstances. Most customers are experiencing regular mail delivery.

We have taken specific actions to continue service to our valued customers, which includes:

  • Continuing to fully authorize overtime to allow employees to work the time necessary to deliver mail.
  • Expanding mail deliveries to earlier in the morning, later in the evening, and on Sundays to ensure customers receive mail at the earliest date possible.
  • Using additional carriers from nearby offices, when necessary, to maintain mail deliveries.
  • Hiring additional personnel. We currently have openings for pre-career positions across North Carolina. These include city and rural letter carriers and local window and distribution clerks as well as motor vehicle drivers. Viewers can access these positions by visiting and searching by state for open positions. New jobs are added to the site weekly.

We thank our customers for their understanding and continued support. We also appreciate the efforts of our dedicated employees who are working to deliver for our customers during the pandemic.