GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — As the temperature outside lowers, you may notice your light bill getting higher.

Local heating companies are offering advice on how to pay less on your heating bill. They include:

  • Make sure to replace the air filter often and keep it clean.
  • Check to see if the windows are letting in air and latch them tight.
  • Close the air vents under your house.

“First and foremost the simplest thing to do is to replace your air filters very routinely,” said H.B. Moore, vice president of Piedmont Service Group. “If you didn’t change them over the summer, I’m sure they have plenty of pet hair or regular house dust in them.

“Keeping those clean protects your equipment and keeps your air cleaner. And the equipment doesn’t have to work so hard.”

The companies said to reach out to them with any further questions.