GREENVILLE, N.C. — EC Velo, Pitt Co.’s cycling club, along with the City of Greenville are again sponsoring the local annual national Ride of Silence on Wednesday, May, 17.

This will be the 18th time that a local organizer has put together this chapter of the annual international event.

This hour-long, silent ride is being held locally to raise awareness for the increasing need for safer, inclusive, and accessible streets for all, to honor bicycle riders of all types who have been killed or injured, and raise awareness of cyclists and motorists safely sharing roads that are appropriately designed. With the pandemic and previous statewide stay at home orders, cycling, running, and walking have all dramatically increased as people enjoy their outside communities and seek to increase their personal health with these permitted activities. The co-occurring reduction in motor vehicle traffic, congestion, and less polluted air has highlighted the increased demand for safer accessible streets, crosswalks, and sidewalks for all users.

Motorists are reminded to obey speed limitations, yield to vulnerable road users (VRUs), not to text while driving, and to share the roads with all users. NC state law requires motorists to change lanes completely or provide at least 4 feet of clearance when passing any cyclist in a no passing zone. Cyclists are reminded to remain off city sidewalks, ride with the traffic flow, and obey all traffic signals. This approximately twelve mile long ride is open to all ages. This year there is also a shorter six mile option utilizing more of the Tar River greenway. Helmets must be worn, and use of rear, red, blinking safety lights is highly recommended. There is no registration fee or charge for this public event. Independent bicycle riders (e.g. no training wheels) of all ages and types are encouraged to join this police vehicle escorted ride. It shall be ridden as a group at about a 12 mph pace on Wednesday evening before sunset. Participating cyclists should meet at the Greenville Bicycle Company at 802 Clark St at 6:00 pm ready to ride out at 6:30 pm; joining tens of thousands of cyclists worldwide who will be riding at the same time. Cyclists unable or unwilling to join this permitted public parade are encouraged to ride on a trainer, solo, or with their family members during this time in solidarity with cyclists around the world and share the rides via social media with the keyword #RideofSilence2023. Posting to the organization’s Facebook page is also encouraged:

The silent ride is predicted to be completed around 7:45 pm. It will be then followed by a social gathering at the Pitt Street Brewery. Food from Anita’s Mexican Restaurant’s food truck will also be available at the brewery. It is being sponsored, supported, and marshaled by members of ECVelo, escorted and followed by the Greenville Police Department as a permitted public parade, and mechanical support has been offered from the Greenville Bicycle Company prior to the event.

The approved parade routes shall highlight several of Greenville’s and NCDOT’s infrastructural safety features that have been made as well as many that continue to be needed. In accordance with city laws, riders are forbidden to ride upon any sidewalk within city limits. The city-approved parade route will incorporate streets that have some dedicated bike lanes or sharrows, as well as streets that lack any safety design elements. All roads to be ridden will remain opened to and shared with motor vehicle traffic while the memorial and advocacy procession proceeds. Cyclists will have to cross sets of railroad tracks at different locations and are encouraged to always do so perpendicularly to the tracks so as to avoid falling when bicycle wheels become stuck between the tracks and the pavement. Perceived road hazards (e.g. potholes, non-functioning traffic lights, broken glass, parallel drainage grates, debris, loose gravel, etc) along the route have already been reported via the city’s public works Compass application. Cyclists riding elsewhere are always encouraged to document and report road hazards to the city and to the NCDOT via their website at